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From custom swat patches to police patches, we are creating patches for every law enforcement department. We are excited to announce that you can place your order and avail free shipping in the USA.

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Team Of Biggest Police Patch Manufacturers

SECustomPatches would love to design the ideal custom police patch for your uniform, whether you are a member of a police force, security force, specialty group, or another branch of law enforcement. When it comes to customizing your patches, the creative designers at SECustomPatches don't skimp on anything. Through their amazing imaginative thinking, they take common designs and turn them into something extraordinary. To realize your vision, our talented artisans combine modern and ancient techniques with the finest materials. We pay close attention to every intricate detail to make sure that the patch is professionally created down to the last stitch and thread.

Design Your Own Police Patch with Us

We can alter your custom shoulder patches according to your desire and instructions. We can assist you with creating a PVC, woven, embroidered, or sublimated patch that aligns with the ideals and objectives of your organization. We respect the sacrifices made by those who protect our nation, so we'll never compromise on the quality of your patches. You can depend on us for high-quality patches at reasonable costs, whether you desire personalized police department patches or classic fire department patches. By getting these personalized police patches, you may increase the excitement and spirit of your unit. Our patches will undoubtedly put a smile on your team members.

How to Apply Expertly Crafted Police Shoulder Patches on the Uniform

Police uniforms are made of nylon material. Nylon is more delicate than cotton material. Our experts suggested that it is a great choice to use a sew-on backing type in your custom swat patches. So that would be long-lasting as this department deals with extreme weather situations. Let’s look into the process of applying police shoulder patches with sew-on backing.

  • Place the patch on the shoulder area and flatten the surface.
  • Put a thread into the needle and start stitching the patch. Make sure to take discrete, tight, and secure stitches.
  • Iron the patch for a finished look and check the symmetry of the patch with the shoulder.

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Trying to Breach All the Possibilities of Creating Custom Police Patches for Vest

Grab Excellent Quality Law Enforcement Patches for Sale

Find a stunning selection of law enforcement patches for sale that represent the professionalism and pride of the brave workers in uniform. Each law enforcement patch features a distinctive logo, emblem, or symbol that embodies the mission and principles of the agency. Our selection of patches, which range from police patches to custom sheriff patches and beyond, embodies these prestigious organizations. With our selection of law enforcement patches, you can embrace the pride of the profession. Declare your loyalty to and support for the hardworking people who look out for and serve our communities with pride. With each patch, you not only show your support for the police but also help to raise awareness of and gratitude for their unshakable dedication to enforcing the law.

With The Help of a Proficient Team Get Fire Department Patches Ideas

Why Choose US to Create Your Own Police Patch

We have several characteristics that you should choose for SE Custom Patches.

High-Quality Police Patches

Get your hands on high-quality law enforcement department patches with detailed designs and vivid colors. We promise to deliver high-quality custom police patches for vests.

Variety of Backing Types

We have a range of police iron-on patches to police velcro patches custom. Choose a backing type from our extensive range according to your garment material.

Police Patches for Sale

Budget is our first priority. We make sure not to empty your pockets and deliver you patches at affordable rates without compromising the quality.

Free Photographed Samples

We are aware of your needs. You can see your patch before you buy it thanks to our free picture samples.

Customer Support Team

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are on call 24/7 to help you at any time.

Early Delivery

Our efficient delivery method makes it easy for you to acquire your patches. More than only their prices and shipping possibilities, our customized patches are well known.

Refund Policy

We provide a simple refund policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are that confident in our service

Skilled Team

The variety we offer demonstrates the exceptional talent of our patch producers in the United States. A creative team of designers is dedicated to providing patches.

Minimum Order

Discover the flexibility in our minimum order requirements. We produce outstanding quality patches to remain accessible, whether you want bespoke bulk patches or a minimum of 10 custom patches.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered frequently asked questions from our customers to solve their queries.

We like personalizing things. Any type of design, logo, or text that you can think of will be tried to be duplicated by our staff, who will then create a flawless patch version. We pay attention to the minute aspects that other patch makers might potentially overlook.

The complexity of the design and the quantity ordered are two variables that affect how quickly custom police patches are produced. We will give you an expected production and delivery date and work hard to deliver your fixes in a timely manner.

No, there are no minimum or maximum order amounts. If you like, you can actually order a single patch. Our team has experience managing orders in huge quantities since we have handled orders of all shapes and sizes. Bulk orders will continue to have the same turnaround time. Our primary goal is to satisfy customers, not to make money.

We advise carefully spot-cleaning your police patches with a mild detergent and warm water to keep them in top condition. Avoid using harsh chemicals or extensive cleaning that could harm the patch.