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Add elegance and showcase your brand or individuality with personalized woven labels. Our team is committed to creating high-end woven labels with supreme quality material. Get a quote on our platform.

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SECustomPatches is quite proud of its outstanding woven labels team, a committed team of experts who are enthusiastic about their work. Our staff is instrumental in producing woven labels for clothes of the highest caliber and craftsmanship because of their unmatched knowledge and attention to detail. Let's discover the woven labels team's world and the value they can add to your branding and customization demands. Our staff consists of accomplished craftspeople who have spent years perfecting their trade. They have a thorough understanding of the complex weaving methods required to produce beautiful woven labels.

Every label we manufacture is a piece of art, precisely constructed to meet the greatest standards thanks to their expertise in the arts. Our woven labels crew strongly believes in the value of teamwork. They collaborate closely with you to comprehend the distinct identity and aesthetic preferences of your brand.

Mastery of Woven Labels Artistry

Our staff excels at providing the accuracy and thorough attention to detail that woven labels necessitate. They meticulously interlace threads to make sure that each brand, phrase, or graphic element is accurately portrayed. Their dedication to excellence results in labels that stand out thanks to clarity, legibility, and tasteful aesthetics. Our staff excels at providing the accuracy and thorough attention to detail that woven labels necessitate.

Step-by-Step Process to Create Woven Labels for Clothes

You must be dubious about how custom woven clothing labels are produced. We are going to reveal how we make woven labels. If you work with us for all the bespoke production, creating a woven label from scratch is simpler than you may imagine.

  • Determine the number of labels you'll need and the style you want to produce to receive a preliminary estimate.
  • With more than 100 customization options, you can make your label any way you like it—on-brand, educational, silly, creative, or crazy.
  • You may either provide the design for your woven label or have one of our in-house designers create something magical.
  • After receiving your approval on a mockup or real example of your label, we'll make as many changes as necessary to get you completely satisfied.

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Functional and Versatile Woven Care Labels

For our woven care labels, we think it's critical to use top-notch materials. The labels are composed of mild, soft materials that feel good against the skin and don't irritate it. The care instructions will endure over time because they are made to resist normal wear and washing. Our woven name labels provide you with the chance to improve the perception of your company. We may add your logo, brand name, or any other branding components to the labels to give them a unified, polished appearance. The quality connected with your brand is reinforced and given a touch of distinctiveness thanks to this understated but effective branding..

Take Your Fashion Sense to Next-Level by Ordering Woven Label Design Online

Various Structures of Custom Woven Labels for Clothing

At SE Custom Patches you can customize garment woven labels with different shapes.

Straight Woven Label

In this form, you will get a straight woven label in a rectangular shape. A rectangular shape label with your design on one side.

Center Fold

It’s a rectangular shape woven label folded equally in a square. Your design will appear on both sides of the label.

Loop Fold

It's a rectangular shape label that has been folded and rounded such that a design may be seen on both sides.

Manhattan Fold

A rounded, folded, rectangular cut that has been stitched onto itself to hide any exposed corners and provide a smooth, plush appearance.

Custom Die Cut

A custom shape woven label with different shapes and edges according to the desired design.

Round Cut

A circular round shape woven label with round edges. Your custom design in a round circle.

Milter Fold

It’s a rectangular shape label printed or embroidered design on one side and the corners are folded at 45 degrees.

Roll Form

Get every label in a roll form and a large rectangular shape. It is suitable to add long instructions to it.

Frequently Asked Question

Read some of our frequently asked questions from our clients.

Threads are woven to form woven labels, which are strong and long-lasting. Printed labels, on the other hand, are created by imprinting ink onto the fabric. While printed labels are frequently more affordable for big quantities, woven labels have a more polished and high-quality appearance.

Numerous garments, including apparel, accessories, bags, caps, and household textiles, can be decorated with woven labels. They may be sewn onto a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, denim, and more, and are adaptable. Your products get a polished finishing touch thanks to the labels.

Yes, woven labels are made to stand up to routine washing. They are constructed with strong materials and premium threads that keep their beauty and legibility even after numerous washings. However, it's always advisable to adhere to the detailed care recommendations included in your clothing.

Yes, a lot of vendors give customers the choice to acquire woven labels in smaller numbers to suit various requirements. Small firms or individuals who need unique labels for limited production runs or unique projects would especially benefit from this.