Custom Woven Patches to Showcase Your Individuality

Woven patches offer a touch of individuality and dimension to your garments and accessories. SE Custom Patches allows you to create custom woven patches to showcase your unique identity and style.

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Trusted Team of Woven Patches Manufacturers

Our team is made up of talented craftspeople and designers with extensive experience in the field. With their skill, they can turn your concepts into gorgeous woven patches that accurately capture your vision. Each thread is painstakingly woven, guaranteeing accuracy and clarity in each design. Our team has the knowledge to use advanced weaving techniques to bring any design to life, whether it's a simple logo or a complicated piece of art.

Our process is centered on collaboration. Our team communicates frequently with you to learn about your needs and preferences. They offer direction and ideas to improve your custom woven patch design, making sure the finished product exceeds your expectations. They can produce a patch that perfectly expresses your company's identity or message thanks to their technological expertise and creative insights.

Make a Statement: Buy Woven Patches Online

We offer the highest quality woven patches custom-made and available online. Our extensive selection of thread colors and cutting-edge production capabilities guarantee the most exact color matching and overall translation of your design. Custom woven patches are perfect for designs with small text or exquisite detail because they employ a finer thread than typically embroidered patches. Hats, beanies, outerwear, and even hard goods look great with woven patches. You can also order woven patches wholesale at affordable rates.

Create Your Woven Patches

You must be skeptical about how are woven patches made. We are going to share our secret process of creating woven patches.

  • Go through each choice in detail. Start by determining what kind of patches you need and how many you require.
  • Customize every last millimeter of your woven patches, including the backing, form, and thread.
  • You are the painter, and your weaved patches are the canvas. If you have any of your artwork to upload, you may also work for free with one of our talented in-house designers.
  • After receiving your approval on a mockup or physical sample of your patch, we will make as many changes as necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • It's time for the shipment! Your lovely woven patches will be sent to your door with free tracking.

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Order Custom Woven Patches No Minimum and Enjoy Endlessly Customization

Grab Glorious Personalized Woven Patches on Budget

The affordability of personalized sewn patches is one of its best features. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful, polished product. These patches provide outstanding value for the money, making them affordable for private individuals, startups, and enterprises of all sizes. Grab gorgeous personalized woven patches that meet your budget to boost the prestige of your brand. You can design a personalized woven patch that precisely captures your uniqueness or business identity. The meticulous weaving technique makes sure that your design stands out with amazing detail and clarity, whether it's a logo, piece of art or a unique message.

Weaving the Best and most Durable Custom Woven Patches with Precision

Assortment of Woven Patches Styles

Let's dive deep into the varieties of woven patches and get to know more about custom options for woven patches.

Classic Woven Patches

If you like bold colors, custom woven patches can be the ideal option for you. Woven patches are best for giving the appearance of high resolution and emphasizing details.

Woven Embroidery Patches

They are made by weaving threads into a fabric backing to create a textured and raised design, combining the craft of embroidery with the accuracy of woven techniques.

Woven Logo Patch

It is a high-end choice for displaying the emblem of your company or group. Using complex weaving processes, make sure that your brand is precisely portrayed, with sharp lines, brilliant colors, and excellent detail.

Custom Woven Stickers Patches

The durability of woven patches and the adaptability of stickers are combined in these patches. They include a peel-and-stick backing that makes it simple to apply them on surfaces.

Woven Patches for Hats

They offer a distinctive flair to your headwear and are made of strong, flexible woven threads that can resist the rigors of outdoor activities.

Iron on Woven Patch

These patches, which include a heat-activated adhesive backing, may be quickly and easily ironed into fabrics to provide a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Reflective Woven Patches

These patches are made with reflective threads to improve visibility in low light, making them perfect for safety applications or evening activities.

Velcro Woven Patches

These patches have a hook-and-loop fastener for adaptability and simple attachment, making it simple to switch them out on compatible surfaces.

Damask Woven Patches

The Damask woven patch has a high thread count and is smooth, rich, and fabric-like. The elevated impression produced by the thick weaving procedure gives the patch depth and texture.

Frequently Asked Question

Get to know more about us through frequently asked questions and answers.

Woven patches made through weaving, look smoother and flatter than embroidered ones. They are renowned for their crisp lines, exact lettering, and significant level of detail. Woven patches are also more adaptable, enabling complex patterns and tiny lettering.

Sure! We are proud that we provide woven patches in a wide variety of sizes and forms. We can meet your needs, whether you need little patches for caps or huge patches for jackets. It is also possible to create unique forms like circles, squares, or bespoke outlines.

We are aware that some tasks need to be completed quickly. To guarantee that your woven patch order arrives to you in the specified timeframe, we provide rush and expedited shipping alternatives. Shipping services that are expedited may incur additional costs.

Yes, woven patches have gained a reputation for being tough. A tight, durable patch made through weaving can resist repeated use and washing without losing its shape or color. They are perfect for clothing and accessories that experience a lot of wear and tear.