Add Glitters to Your Dress with Custom Sequin Patches to Grab Attention

Our sequin patches for clothes will elevate your garments and add an extra blink to your dress. Our team creates impressive designs with extra care and hard work. Grab your customized sequin patches right now.

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Buy Outstanding Sequin Patches Wholesale

We offer sequin patches wholesale on a budget at SE Custom Patches. You can order wholesale or a single patch according to your requirement. To satisfy your needs for large orders, we provide a broad selection of wholesale sequin patches. Our sequin patches are created with extreme care and are ideal for giving your products a dash of glitz and sparkle. Our custom sequin patches are the best option for improving apparel, accessories, and more, whether you are a fashion designer, store, or DIY enthusiast.

Our wide selection of sequin patches allows you to express your creativity and create one-of-a-kind items because they come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. High-quality materials are used to create our patches, ensuring their sturdiness and long-lasting shine.

Add a Touch of Glamour in Your Garments

For individuals who want to look stylish and up-to-date, sequin patches have become a need. The appeal of these glittering patches is being embraced by everyone, from social media celebrities to runway models. They effortlessly upgrade a look, giving it a more fashionable and alluring appearance. For special events where you want to stand out and shine, sequin patches are ideal. These patches add a dash of shine to your outfit, making you the center of attention at every occasion, from parties and weddings to music festivals and themed events.

The Secret of Creating Sequin Iron on Patches

SE Custom Patches take pride in creating meticulous sequin patches for clothes with high quality. We are sharing our key steps for creating sequin iron on patches. You will surely up your expectations from us for sequin patches.

  • Our tailors team up with customers to design their desired patches to fulfill their needs.
  • Carefully choose fabric and sequins suitable for the wanted results.
  • Our craftsman carefully cut and shape the sequin patch with proficient cutting tools.
  • We use fusible webbing that sticks to the patch and adheres to the garment strongly with the required heat provided.
  • Each patch undergoes an extremely strict quality control process. Our team checks every fine detail before dispatching the order.

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Shimmer and Sparkle: Adorn the Attire with Large Sequin Patches

Embrace the Shine with Sequin Embroidery Patches

When it comes to customizing apparel and accessories, sequin patches are the height of glitz and shine. These lovely accents catch the light and give every dress a little sparkle. Sparkling sequin patches have become quite popular in the fashion industry because they let people express their individual styles and make a statement. Sparkling sequin patches offer a fun approach to glam up your clothes in a culture that values individuality and self-expression. For fashion aficionados and creative types, they are a go-to item because of their adaptability, trendiness, and DIY appeal. With these gorgeous large sequin patches, embrace the dazzle and let your uniqueness shine through.

Add Up Sequin Magic to Jeans with Stunning Sequin Patches for Jeans

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Unmatched Quality:

We take great pleasure in providing the best stuff. We produce patches and pay attention to details, use good quality fabric, and up-to-date techniques, to make sure their longevity, and presence.

Competitive Prices:

We think that premium quality need not be prohibitively expensive. Because our patches are available at competitive and reasonable pricing, you may personalize your clothing and accessories without going over budget.

Timely Delivery:

We recognize the value of prompt delivery. Our effective logistics system makes sure that your patches are dispatched quickly and gets to you as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

Experienced Team:

Our professional and knowledgeable patch-making staff is made up of expert craftspeople who infuse each patch they make with flair and accuracy. Your concept will become a magnificent reality thanks to their skill.

Quality Assurance

We are steadfast in our dedication to quality control. Each patch is thoroughly examined and tested to ensure that it satisfies high requirements. We guarantee your satisfaction with each purchase by standing behind the quality of our goods.

Refund Policy

Your complete pleasure is important to us. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely pleased with your patches, you are free to return them within a certain duration and receive a hassle-free refund thanks to our accommodating refund policy.

Exceptional Customer Support:

Our devoted customer service team is accessible to you around-the-clock to address any questions or problems you may have. In order to earn your happiness, we work hard to deliver quick and beneficial answers.

Free Samples

To allow you to see firsthand the quality and artistry of our patches, we provide free samples. Just ask for a sample, and we'll be happy to show you some of the excellent patches we make.

Frequently Asked Question

Look into our frequently asked questions and learn more about us.

Any wardrobe would look spectacular with sequin patches. These patches can be assembled in any arrangement or style because they are made with premium components like sequins, glitter, and beads. They're ideal for advertising your brand or message or adding a little additional sparkle to your outfit.

Depending on the materials and the method of installation, DIY sequin patches may or may not be washable. It is normally safe to wash the patches as long as the sequins are firmly fastened and the cloth is machine washable.

While sequin patches can be applied to children's clothing, care must be taken to make sure they are well-fastened and do not present a choking risk. Always keep watch over little kids who are sporting sequin patches.

Sequin patches are adaptable and can be applied to a variety of products, such as sequin patches for jackets, purses, hats, shoes, and even items of home décor. They are well-liked for giving any item a dash of glitz and uniqueness.