Elevate Your Look with Custom Sublimated Patches

We can bring your ideas to life with vivid colors, intricate details, and exceptional clarity. Our sublimated patches help you to show your uniqueness and make a bold statement.

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Level up With Our Premium Quality Dye Sublimated Patches

Make a lasting impression with our dye sublimated patches. Our patches will bring creativity to your ordinary wear. Our patch makers create high-quality work, using fine inks, eye-catching colors, and precise designs. We are super proud to produce incredible quality dye sublimation patches among our rivals. You can put 100% trust in us because you will surely receive high-quality custom sublimated patches from SE Custom Patches. We use proficient quality ink for printing, material, and backing type to create impeccable quality custom sublimation patches. With our top-notch quality sublimated patches, you can express your true self to the world with confidence. Each patch embodies the true essence of your design.

Sublimated Patches for Hats: Make Your Casual Look More Fashionable

If you are a sports fan or fashion enthusiast or you want to add some personal touch to your hat, our sublimated patches are the right choice for you. Everyone will definitely be drawn in by the striking hues, minute details, and photographic-like clarity produced by our dye sublimation technique. With our sublimation hat patches, you can show off your sense of style and leave a lasting mark with everything from logos and artwork to phrases and monograms. Our sublimation hat patches are strong and resistant to fading, so they will stay vibrant and presentable even after numerous washings and wearing.

Why SE Custom Patches is Number 1

Our dye sublimation patches wholesale will revolutionize how you express your sense of style, whether you're a fashion-forward person, a cutting-edge company, or a creative entrepreneur. Let your creativity run wild, embrace personalization, and adopt a wardrobe that genuinely portrays your uniqueness. We can provide you exceptional services.

  • We not only offer fine-quality work but our sublimation patch is easy on your pocket. So, now you can walk in style while saving your money.
  • 24/7 customer service will provide the assistance you require at any time of day.
  • Enjoy flash delivery of your order within 8-12 days.
  • No hidden charges for your design.
  • Our custom sublimation patches are easy to use. They come with proper instructions.

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Buy Artistic Dye Sublimation Patches to Impress People and Make an Embarking Impression

Revolutionize Your Shirts with Our Sublimation Patches for Shirts

With our incredible sublimation patches for shirts, up your fashion game and open countless customizing options. It's time to reinvent your wardrobe and express yourself visibly like never before. Our sublimation patches seamlessly combine vivid colors, minute details, and eye-catching patterns to upgrade your clothes. Our sublimation patches give you the ability to express your unique individuality and create a genuinely one-of-a-kind look. They come in various eye-catching logos, personalized artwork, mesmerizing patterns, and fascinating graphics. Our patches are made to last, guaranteeing long-lasting resilience and fade-resistant brightness. They are meticulously made to last. Make a statement wherever you go by elevating your clothes with our superb sublimation patches!

Outstanding Custom Screen Printed Patches That Capture Everyone’s Attention

Different Styles of Sublimated Patches for Customization

You can customize sublimated patches according to your desire. Some options are given below:

Large Sublimation Patches

When you want to create intricate designs with small details in it. Large sublimation patches are the best choice.

Leather Sublimation Patches

We create genuine leather sublimation patches by infusing ink directly to the leather material. We us supreme quality leather to make it durable.

Sublimated Patch Hat

Sublimated patches for hats are especially created for hats. If you want your hat to look luxurious then order sublimation leather hat patches now.

Sublimation Iron on Patches

They have iron on backing type and you can easily stick them on your clothes. They are long last and easy to use.

Sublimation Patches for Shirts

You can use sublimation patches for shirts on your shirts to upgrade boring shirts into eye-catching one.

Iron on PVC Patches

They can be easily heat pressed on hats and bags to give them a high-end look. Our craftsman can do it for you.

Dye Sublimation Embroidery Patches

They are printed on the special paper and then transferred on the material. They can be used on shirts, hats, and jeans.

Sublimated Sew on Patches

Sublimated sew on patches have sewn on backing type. You can sew them on your desired garment.

Sublimated Twill Patch

Sublimated twill patch is made of twill fabric that is long lasting and durable because of its twill nature.

Velcro Sublimated Patches

Velcro sublimated patches can be attach according to your desire or mood. It has Velcro backing type with great adhesion.

Frequently Asked Question

Some queries from our customers and answers by our expert patches makers.

The dye sublimation patch is created from the printing process of sublimation. In this process, ink is infused into the fabric that gives bright color and the finest graphics are produced. They can be created in any design, size, shape, and color. If your design has details so make sure to choose the larger size for better clarity and results.

Sublimated patches are waterproof. The ink that is infused into the garment makes it waterproof. However, if you expose the sublimated patch to extreme weather conditions then it may get damaged. The best way to use them according to the "how to use" instructions that come along with them.

In fact, if you want a patch with a picture on it, sublimation patches are the way to go. With the right design software, patches can be produced that resemble photographic patches.

They can be attached to the clothes by using different techniques, you can sew them, heat seal them, or use a stick-on backing type. They can be attached to the clothes according to the desire of the person and the fabric's material. It is better to ask the professional patch maker or read provided instructions.